National Criminal History Check - Printable Application $55 (inc GST)
To complete a a hard copy criminal history check, please follow the below instructions.
Download, print and fill in the forms*.
* for all standard employment and licensing requirements, you will require a 'NO EXCLUSION' set of forms
* for positions involving working with children, the elderly or other vulnerable people, you will require a 'PARTIAL EXCLUSION'  set of forms
Please ensure you have read and signed the Informed Consent form and specified the purpose of your check.
Prepare your identification documents.  You will require certified copies of 100 points of ID.  For information on suitable documents and who can certify your copies, please read the Identification Guide on page one of the forms.
Payment must be made prior to your check being processed.  Please click the Payment link below, to direct you to a secure payment page, where you can pay by credit card or PayPal.
You can scan and email your completed forms to        
You can post to:
Corpsec Pty Limited
PO Box 1037
Tuggeranong ACT 2901